Absent a crisis, it’s over

Say what you want about Trump, but his views, with or without expletives, are pretty much standard for the time he grew up in. George Washington, Omaha Beach, Merry Christmas, and all that. Now we suggest you listen to this hour of Dennis Prager the other day, with a senior at the University of Wyoming (!!!). Wyoming!

You either agree with them or you’re evil, that’s the message, deeply believed by the college-educated young. Two generations of Americans have been wrecked by the education establishment, and there’s no coming back from that, absent some crisis that causes these fools to question their insidious indoctrination. The young have been wrecked in their thinking by fools, and there’s no partisan politics solution to this. (Frankly, we thought things were going to go the other way via internet, when we started our commentaries a decade and a half ago; we were wrong, so wrong.)

Probably we’ll write about China from time to time, since its economic progress has been so unbelievable, but there’s little point in commenting on US politics, since the young have been utterly poisoned against the views most Americans have held for almost four centuries.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    Unfortunately, my day to day observations, confirm your point. Add to the mix the poor quality of what passes for education and things will only get worse. Not only are they indoctrinated, they’re DUMB.

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