Something rare in history, and destructive

Dictators like Mao and Stalin knew how to affect history by moving peoples back in time to subsistence, if that. But as we were watching the current pathetic SNL, we observe that the youngsters today know almost nothing, except for snark and what they see on their phone-computers. Nothing. Farmers and soldiers: forget it. The world of a few generations ago, ditto. This is incredibly self-destructive. Q: how many youngsters would sign up for the Army on Dec 8 this year; how many would charge Omaha Beach? No one has ever seen in all of human history the incredible changes in tech in the last hundred years, quintupling or so every generation. Unbelievable. BTW, we’re not kidding in suggesting that it become a requirement for high school graduation in the US for every student to live and work for a few weeks in a 19th century US farmhouse. We have no doubt that it could be transformational, since they have zero, zero, zero, no contact with the ways of thinking required there for survival and prospering.

2 Responses to “Something rare in history, and destructive”

  1. Bosun Says:

    It has been my experience that many of the youngsters are almost unemployable. However, on the upside they have an ample supply of self-esteem. One thing is certain, they would not make good Shipmates.

  2. Neil Says:

    It wouldn’t even be necessary to have them plucking chickens for dinner (cue the PETA protests). Something as simple as having to fetch bath water from the well and heat it on a stove would be enough to open a lot of eyes.

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