Which 2017 world did you live in?

According to CNN: you-know-who “has demonized the free press, world leaders, Muslims, immigrants, women and the NFL. He has bullied, barked and insulted his way through the year. There are too many affronts to list here. But every tweet has pushed us one inch closer to his alternate view of the world — to normalizing this un-American behavior. The fact is, his dying world view can rally for a little while, but his alternate reality can’t win.”

On 11/8/16 the DJIA closed at 18,333 and yesterday at 24,837, a 35% increase in a little over a year, the opposite of some economics Nobel Prize punditry opinion. Feel free to choose which world you’d like to inhabit. Fun bonuses: another Roger Kimball piece, and one from Spengler.

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