Bummer et al, including good things

Spengler has a negative piece on Iran’s future; it’s a bummer. We’ll see what happens. Final point for today: does no one see the similarity of tweets to orange hair? You get what you get, that’s all, from the greatest enemy of PC on the planet.

For fun, listen to the kooky but great A Very Cellular Song. After that, All Hail Marx and Lennon, and you will see that a sense of humor and much else have vanished from our country in a few decades.

After that, listen to Keith Jarrett’s Köln Concert (at the 6 minute mark) and the incredible Bill Evans Never Let Me Go, which we asked to him perform in the East Village a long while ago, to which he answered that he had not done publicly since his 14:35 recording in 1968.

The latter things should make a good day.

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