First reaction

Well, we only saw the last 20 minutes or so of the SOTU (having just arrived and been up for nearly 24 hours on a grueling fund-raising trip LAX-MIA and back), so this is subject to revision, but having said that, our reaction was very strong, as was those of others on our side of the fence. The Korean kid who escaped and his crutches, the crying parents: we understand that it was emotional lines being drawn by a businessman and media guy. OK, and they got to us. Home run, as you might expect from such a man. Moreover, we took care to watch MSNBC immediately say things like: “he’s aiming this at the 11% disapprover gap”. Oh, genius comment.

But we do have some context, given the choice of the DNC responder. The first political speech we remember watching was as a ten year old, in real-time on Jan 20, 1961 at noon, as though it were yesterday, and it began: “we aahbserve today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom.” We were enthralled — at 10 years old. We can still quote a lot of it, and we’re not alone. By contrast, some unknown scion of that same family began his boring rebuttal this day in 2018 with pollsters’ talking points and (we hope) artificial approval from the audience, in a town we have spent so much time in, Fall River MA. We’ll see if our opinion changes in coming days, but our initial reaction is: home run for Trump and what he’s doing.

Apparently we are not in the minority, since 75% saw things the way we did.

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