What’s the best movie or 2nd best?

We’re frankly appalled at what passes for cinema today, as well as what passes for legitimate criticism of current America. They’re kind of the same thing: fantasy world. 27,000 people were killed on average each day in WW2, and over 400,000 Americans were killed in freeing the world from Hitler and Japan. In one battle in the Civil War that got some freedom for millions of slaves, 23,000 Americans died, in a conflict where nearly a million were killed or wounded. Casablanca is on TV tonight, a pretty good WWII movie since it was made in 1942, when no one knew the ultimate outcome of that horrible conflict. 58,000 were casualties in the pathetic, let’s not fight to win, Vietnam War. (We can agree with elements of the left on some occasions.) Then we look at the big 2017 movies, only a couple of which deal with serious national matters. We’d really like to know what the #1 and #2 movies are for the snowflakes — the 2017 list is pathetic. What, short of war, can return this country to seriousness?

3 Responses to “What’s the best movie or 2nd best?”

  1. Sennacherib Says:

    “What, short of war, can return this country to seriousness?” Like always, nothing.

  2. Sennacherib Says:

    Oh, my favorite movie. “A Man For All Seasons”. More knew what the probable penalty for his actions was, but he stayed within the law until the end.

  3. Cameron Says:

    Downhill Racer – no question -LOL

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