Twilight Zone: fantastic Life Expectancy and GDP growths = 0 or worse

Another example of this 2005 iPod ruining piece, but with a difference. Here’s a chart on income growth over the last century in the US. Here’s a chart on life expectancy — 50%+ increases in both in a tiny amount of time — You think this would make the younger people endlessly joyous, totally appreciative, and 1000% eager to ask how they can help make more of this. Wrong. Instead, hysteria grows apace in the millennial universe. Professors who say commonsensical things are told they ought to be fired. The young men sound insane, fantasizing about how they’re oppressing everyone, when they haven’t done a damned thing in their lives yet.

Elliot: “Why, for all of us, out of all that we have heard, seen, felt, in a lifetime, do certain images recur, charged with emotion, rather than others? The song of one bird, the leap of one fish, at a particular place and time, the scent of one flower, an old woman on a German mountain path, six ruffians seen through an open window playing cards at night at a small French railway junction where there was a water-mill: such memories may have symbolic value, but of what we cannot tell, for they come to represent the depths of feeling into which we cannot peer.”

Hard to see this ending well, unless new coalitions get beyond nonsense.

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