What’s wrong with this story?


Smaller cities in China are luring graduates with generous cash incentives, tax breaks and cheap flats to take jobs outside Beijing and Shanghai. China’s second tier cities, including Nanjing in the east, have long been shunned by university graduates but the government is trying to reverse this trend and spur economic growth outside the capital. More than a dozen Chinese cities, mainly regional hubs, are offering lower income tax rates, help with housing and other public benefits to entice postgraduates. For highly qualified and talented postgraduates, who could be considered as leaders in their fields, the city of Zhengzhou is handing out cash payments of as much as £570,000 each. Shi Dadong, the city government’s spokesman, defended the offer and insisted that it represented an investment in the future. “It’s like raising a child. You invest everything for him to go to school, and he will be able to buy a car in the future. If you don’t invest in him, you will never see the car.” A postgraduate who settles in the city will get a monthly payment of £170 for three years, and someone with a master’s degree receives £113 a month.

Also: “A district urban management authority in Wuhan, Hubei province, issued job adverts on Friday for two public toilet managers, stating that successful applicants must have at least a bachelor’s degree.” Gee, do these fellows get the 570K too?

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