So do you want to feel good or bad?

For bad, we recommend most every story brought to you by CNN and the freak-out clones. Send in the clones; they’re already here as the song said. We’re not even going to link because there’s no point after all. The Swamp is far worse than we ever imagined, but that’s our fault. After all, $7 trillion a year is a lot to skim from, and to expect otherwise from toads who couldn’t get a real private sector job with P&L accountability is foolish.

But to conclude on a positive note from long ago, check out Steve Lawrence and Sammy Davis Jr in this video from 1979. It turns out that 4 decades is a long, long time. (Final tiny point: college grads today would not be able to identify all the historical references in this 50 year old song by the Stones — how pathetic is that?)

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  1. Neil Says:

    Every once in a while, it’s good to watch some old Sammy Davis footage and recall just how casually brilliant he was. Here’s a bit where he leaves a showboating Gregory Hines in the dust:

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