‘Tis the season to be pardoned

Like Spengler, we thought the pardon of Scooter Libby the other day was fabulous, and we concur with his DSM-IV diagnosis of the failure of the Bush administration to do so. BTW, we don’t come to our knowledge of the Libby case casually. If you read our highly detailed pieces from 2005-2007 chronologically (this, this and this, for example), you will see that we started out thinking he was guilty and ended up in a very different place. Rove and Armitage did the leaking and Libby was the fall guy for political reasons. Disgusting.

Anyway, the Libby pardon leads us to the great place we’re in today, mirabile dictu. (BTW, Scott Johnson comes to much the same conclusion.) Trump ought to Go For The Gold on this one, and he can do so with a mixture of triumph, condescension, and magnanimity since Mueller and Co. have been wasting everyone’s time and money with the so-called collusion nonsense. As you know, “collusion” has been merely the pretext for giving Mueller a fishing license, and that needs to be revoked now. Trump ought to pardon Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, the Dutch lawyer, and anyone else caught in the Mueller cross-hairs. Critically, this now includes Michael Cohen (see Andy McCarthy’s piece), the highly timely development of the day.

Trump ought to hang Mueller & Co. out to dry in a prime-time address 2 days after the pardons above are announced. During the 2 days, the media will be going nuts of course, as usual, Hitler pardoning Goebbels, etc., which will ensure an audience of over 100 million for the prime-time address. So here’s the best part, in our TV drama scenario: during that address, Trump should announce the pardons of Hillary Clinton and everyone in her circle, including those involved with Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, the 2016 campaign, the unsecured servers, etc., and he also should include Comey in the pardons, delicious for several reasons. He should sound magnanimous as he announces A New Beginning, with the past put in the past. None of this will stop the “news” people of the media, of course, with their Kathy Griffin desires, but it will be good fun, and no one will be able to say it wasn’t bi-partisan, which is the cherry on top of this ice cream sundae.

Update: Clarice points out that the Libby conviction was so absurd that his law license was reinstated several years ago.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    The suggestion to pardon HRC is a somewhat intriguing.

    However. . .

    It would likely outrage The Left as in their view, HRC is without sin. Heck, just ask my wife. Since the Left protects her wouldn’t HRC decline a pardon (is that possible?)? After all, why accept a pardon if you have broken no laws, or even been indicted for that matter.

    And one more thing, pardoning HRC would infuriate the base. GOP may already have voter turnout problems. This would only exacerbate them.

    Agreed on the Libby pardon. That Dubya let his conviction stand is an interesting insight on his (lack of) character.

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