Brevity is, uh, something

(1) “It’s always struck me as strange whenever someone continually denies something.” Yes, that’s very odd. (2) Very funny guy. (3) Nearly 100% gross margin. (4) Not 2 brite.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Don’t think he would do it, but it would be a hoot if Trump revoked the White House press credentials of some of the major media.

    For example, imagine if he allowed cBS, but not NBC or abc to cover him, and perhaps allowed the WaPo but denied credentials to the NY Lies?

    The implication would be that the credentialed were favored. Can you imagine the outrage on the Left? Would the favored reject their credentials in an act of solidarity or would it drive a wedge in the guild with sprouting accusations and finger pointing among the media?

    It would be Machiavellian, I think. And great fun.

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