Suddenly a staccato burst split the air

There are many interesting reads today, but we’ll begin with this very dense piece at ZeroHedge. The title of this post arises from a commenter who said that this whole mess is beginning to sound like a Robert Ludlum novel with all the FBI, MI6, CIA etc. mess and intrigue. We’ve read a number of those Ludlum books and don’t remember much except every few pages there’d a a new Boom!, Bang!, or staccatto burst. We can’t keep up with all this.

Mini-fun bonus: a new book about the president.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Re new book

    Of course there aren’t many people that can remember FDR.

    As for, “Idea: Trump should give one of FDR’s radio addresses attacking the judiciary—word-for-word—and watch the media animals erupt with fury.”

    As I have said before, if it wern’t for double standards, the Left would have none at all.

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