Where are the friggin’ aliens?

We’re serious about this. There are something like 2×10 to the 22nd power planets in the universe we know about so far. Thus, if you say there’s only one in a million chance that there’s life on another planet, there are many billions of planets that are inhabited. So where are these guys? Millions of inhabited galaxies and planets far beyond ours should be the rule, not the exception. Our past is relatively young, at 4.5 billion years versus the 16 billion or so of our own universe. But there is zero contact. Are we that far behind (yes)? Are we not worth their time (probably!)? Shouldn’t earth be entertaining like Kandor? Maybe they’re acting out of some version of the prime directive, and maybe there isn’t Warp Speed, but other than these, we’re very puzzled that we don’t see real space aliens at Walmart and Ralphs.

Update: maybe one of the aliens suddenly appeared (here and here).

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Will we be able to find the answers if this continues?

    How Identity Politics Is Harming the Sciences


  2. Neil Says:

    Three best guesses:

    1) Light speed is the limit. Period.
    2) The Great Filter. Self-awareness is an extreme condition, life comes back to a non-sentient equilibrium eventually.
    3) God (or the hidden order in chaotic systems, if you prefer) created us in his image, this Universe is ours.

    At the moment, I do not have data which would lead me to prefer one over the others. Light speed as the limiting factor is looking less likely, though.

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