Hey, you know who made a similar phrase famous, but times have changed:

“Civilisation requires energy but energy use must not destroy civilisation,” the pope told top oil company executives at the end of a two-day conference in the Vatican. Climate change was a challenge of “epochal proportions”, he said, adding that the world needed an energy mix that combated pollution, eliminated poverty and promoted social justice.

Hey maybe this fine fellow should team up with the distinguished professor Mann (MWP disappeared!) and they both can hide the decline.

2 Responses to “Pope-a-Dope”

  1. feeblemind Says:

    This pope is a blithering idiot who seems more concerned with Earthly issues than spiritual ones.

    The previous popes of the last 40 years, were concerned with saving souls, and were powerful voices for morality.

    This one? Judas priest! One can only hope he doesn’t reflect the present day thinking of those running the Catholic Church.

  2. Bosun Says:

    Well he’s not Pope John XXIII, that’s for certain. Globalist useful idiot.

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