How do you say garbage in Mandarin?

An email also received over at PL:

Dear Alumni and Friends,

In the weeks and months ahead, a lawsuit aimed to compromise Harvard’s ability to compose a diverse student body will move forward in the courts and in the media. As the case proceeds, an organization called Students for Fair Admissions — formed in part to oppose Harvard’s commitment to diversity — will seek to paint an unfamiliar and inaccurate image of our community and our admissions processes, including by raising allegations of discrimination against Asian-American applicants to Harvard College. These claims will rely on misleading, selectively presented data taken out of context. Their intent is to question the integrity of the undergraduate admissions process and to advance a divisive agenda.

One of our B school classmates started a company that moved Chinese teenagers to countries in South America and elsewhere so that they could get admitted to college as Brazilians or Colombians etc instead of getting the customary discrimination against Asians. Disgraceful places, these universities (and high schools!).

Hey, maybe Drew Faust can get a job at the FAA.

Bonus: this Harvard / Asian grossness is likely to get much worse — for the university (if there is an honest judge of course.)

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