Numbers re NY 14

Times have changed in the neighborhood where the opening credits of All in the Family were filmed. In 2018 the commie got 15,897 votes (in a district where the O-man got 81% of the vote in 2012). The population is 712,053. Turnout was 13% of registered voters. 14 is said to be 50% Hispanic, 11% black, 16% Asian, and 18% white. It is 29% more Democrat than the national average. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Bernie Sanders organizer and endorsee of the Democratic Socialists of America, can become the voice of her party, that would seem to be a good thing.

Bonus: John Yoo and John McWhorter on that Harvard Asia lawsuit — you know, that place where 1.5% of the profs are conservative.

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