It’s not just the left that have lost their minds

Max Boot. George Will. Pete Wehner. Bill Kristol. What is wrong with these people? In all seriousness, we don’t understand what’s going on. Maybe they’re visitors from GN-z11. In that case, the Twilight Zone has it covered.

We’re not kidding; we really don’t understand why these people are freaking out, leaving the GOP, etc. Yeah, we understand that the refined minds don’t like DJT’s twitter feed (though we do, since his brashness takes away – in the only way possible – the infinite power the media has had to define the news narrative).

Hmmmm, maybe that’s the answer. They were fine with the media’s control of the narrative, as long as they got their respectfully opposing TV appearances, their consulting gigs and board directorships, their invitations to the best gatherings, etc. OK, maybe now we actually do understand. oops!!!

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  1. OriginalFrank Says:

    Just consider it *another* wonderful benefit of Trump’s presidency – he is flushing out the fake right as well as the fake news.

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