More doom

We’ll just refer to one little link to today’s doom. You’d think the hysteria would get tiring, since shrieking takes so much energy, but so far you’d be wrong.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Well, since we are talking doom, here’s the latest financial collapse prediction from perpetual bear Zero Hedge.

    Rickards: Here’s Where The Next Crisis Starts

    No one knows exactly when it’ll happen, but the time to prepare is now. Once the market corrects, it’ll be too late to act.

    That’s why the time to buy gold is now, while it’s cheap. When you need it most, once the crisis hits, it’ll cost a fortune.

    Of course, timing is everything, and who knows how much longer this can go on. Years? Decades? It’s already gone on much longer than I ever thought it could.

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