What will this paradigm-shifting time be called?

Consider this: “Scalia‚Äôs nomination hearing was mostly a formality and the Senate unanimously confirmed his nomination with a 98-0 vote.” And yet today there is unbelievable mass hysteria because a guy who probably agrees with Scalia 80-90% of the time is selected for SCOTUS. Pssst: it’s probably a conspiracy. Yes, we know the explanation: the left has lost control of the news narrative that it has controlled for 2 generations, partially as a result of DJT on twitter, and that control (try asking Graham, McConnell or McCain anything controversial and they will bow politely if not agree) loss has shattered the media’s worldview. What’s going on now is that a paradigm has been shattered, and that paradigm is that the media control what’s acceptable in a discussion of issues, unacceptable being the deplorables, etc. The whole situation has been made much more dramatic as the media’s world has shifted far left in the last decade, and the Trumpian alternative is merely mainstream America circa 1965 or 1985. We hope this change will get a name worthy of its significance.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    I hope the Dinocrat’s optimism over a paradigm shift proves correct.

    I remain skeptical and fear this is just a blip in the short run.

    1) Voters naturally tend to oscillate between Left and Right. The pendulum just seems to be swing right at the moment.

    2) We’ll see what happens after the next major financial downturn.

    3) Demographics. Unlimited immigration could still cement the Left’s grip on power over the long term.

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