Lots of footnotes

We bought the Kindle edition of the Russia Hoax, and our first question was how many footnotes the book has. 130 in the first two chapters, and the book has 11 chapters, so maybe 700 footnotes in all. We wonder whether the book will even appear on the corrupt NYT’s bestseller list.

We bring up the book for a couple of reasons: First, we’ll have to see what all the Harvard professors on Background Briefing have to say, if anything, since they are such true believers. (Our initial guess is that they will ignore it.) Second, we continue to be amazed by the Alice in Wonderland power of Projection. All the investigators know just where to look to try to find wrongdoing, since it was their side that had previously carried out the plan in meticulous detail, including secret meetings, illegal payments and so forth. (Hey, tell Vlad that we’ll have more flexibility when the Reset Button takes over.)

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    It’s also interesting how the Republican players get arrested while the Democratic ones are granted immunity.

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