Nice touch: Manichean worldview

Good Michael Walsh piece. Haven’t thought about this 3rd century stuff in a long time, but the nonsense today does seem old and worn out.

Speaking of Manichean, look at who just joined the NYT editorial board.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Yes. Walsh is pretty close to the mark. Rumor and innuendo are presented as facts, and opinions are regularly sprinkled through stories in an attempt to sway the reader’s point of view. Furthermore, I see at least one poorly written story every day. In many cases, the amateurs are indeed better than the pros.

    The wife, who long ago produced news in the Los Angeles TV market, says the decline began with Rupert Murdoch. Her opinion is that he was among the first to make TV news a profit center and that he valued ratings over substance and accuracy.

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