Ludlum, le Carré, or whatnot

SVU’s Official Story suggested a plot line about the DC and media freak outs. The plot is that the Ds and Rs, though the Rs aren’t very good, do not only do macro but intense micro PI work on their adversaries that can be used at crucial times for votes and more.

It’s an easy form of manipulation — who is that mistress of yours, Senator, or would you rather take a bold stand for the environment and get a million bucks? Etc Etc. A threat doesn’t even need to be a threat if everyone knows the game (McConnell, wife, China, $25MM, etc).

As we said, it’s not only a threat, it’s a strong incentive. You play the game, you get rich, but if you stop playing the game: bye bye and worse. The thing about the evil DJT figure is that these guys have no power over him, since he’s an outsider and rich, and that’s a major part of what has driven them insane.

We have said that the media is upset because, since the rise of the Evil One, they don’t control the news narrative. Perhaps more importantly, the guys behind the scenes paying for the media’s narrative do not have power over an outsider who owes them nothing. Oh, and yes, this new guy who eschews the leaden Republican blah-blah is dismantling the opponent’s coalition. (Cue Darth Vader breathing noise.)

We hope the novel ends well.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    A 29% support Level for Trump does not necessarily extrapolate to 29% of blacks voting for Trump, nor does it mean squat for Repubs running for Congress.

    Having said that, the trend is encouraging and very ominous for the Dems. They can’t afford to have blacks leaving the party.

    All the more reason for the dems and the Deep State to want Trump dead, to nip this shift in the bud.

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