The Stupidification of the USA continues apace

Candace Owens is the polite inverse of the Jeong Show, and as such, gets what you expect from Universities today — oops, restaurants. As you know, we often listen to shows on Pacifica on the daily jog. Speaker after speaker after speaker sounds exactly like the Jeong Show, minus the obscenities. The Conventional Wisdom of a good portion of the young, as well as the faculty lounge.

Update: VDH expands on the themes above.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Nuckin’ futz, and this guy is a TV talking head!

    Chris Cuomo Accuses Trump’s Base of Eating up “CONSPIRACIES” and “DARK MYSTERIES OF POWER” While Pushing His Own Unhinged Conspiracy Theory about Trump Sending Out Secret Signals To His Supporters Via… Coded Numbers

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