While the clock ticked

We suggested at one point using Twilight Zone episode titles, but here’s one from the Hardy Boys. Here’s today’s communication from another universe; today’s jog featured Democracy Now! and Mr. Disgrace to the Profession.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Sorry. I couldn’t make it all the way through the Democracy Now! piece but I think I got the gist of it. For the True Believers, the California Wildfires are harbingers of the coming Climate Apocalypse.

    The WUWT piece was pretty interesting. I found the comparisons to Mann and Lysenko and how their personalities helped them capitalize on their moment in history to be particularly intriguing. I hadn’t thought about that before.

    As for youtube, one wonders when they will simply ban those videos rather than trying to correct them? After all, censorship is now the rage among the social media.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    An interesting piece from aei:

    Should the US and China give up on a deal?

    From the article:

    The $68 billion affected thus far in the US-China trade standoff is a tiny fraction of economic activity in either country. Significant escalation, if it occurs, is weeks or months away. The bigger problem is that, if a deal is reached, only a year and a half of calm may result. The two countries’ short-term behavior is being fueled by the realization that no agreement will last.

    The Trump administration is a difficult negotiating partner because it is divided on China goals. A lower bilateral trade deficit? Retaliation for coercive technology practices? A fundamental change in the PRC’s economic model?

    The American press tends to skim over Beijing’s own foolish approach to the dispute. For more than a year, the Chinese view was President Trump would be pacified by a few headline deals. This was proven wrong in May, when Secretary Mnuchin failed to sell the President on the PRC’s low-ball offer.


    So who knows how this is going to turn out, but this seems to indicate we won’t be returning to the status quo.

  3. feeblemind Says:

    Dirty Harry on feminism and women’s quotas – YouTube

    One wonders if any one would dare shoot this scene today? 4 min. 33secs.


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