Charm offensive

Harvard prof:

On one hand, universities must be open to diverse viewpoints, including those that conflict with mainstream opinion or may seem threatening to specific groups. On the other hand, there is the danger of normalizing and legitimizing what can only be described as an odious presidency.

RTWT. Wow. Aw come on Mister Professor, tell us what you really think of us.

Added fun: The young: born to be riled.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Off topic:

    Will the financial crisis in Turkey spread??

    “Now even the ECB is beginning to fret about the potential impact the plummeting Turkish Lira may have on Eurozone banks that are heavily exposed to Turkey’s economy via large amounts in loans — much of it in euros — through banks they acquired in Turkey. Given the plunge in the lira, companies have trouble servicing their euro loans and are beginning to default. And loans in local currency are plunging in value along with the currency. This is how the currency crisis in Turkey, which is turning into a debt crisis, could set off contagion effects among banks in France, Spain and Italy . . .”

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