It is time for SEC investigations of Google and Facebook

The other day we complained about Google’s press release saying the company is not biased regarding search results. This from a company that fired an engineer, James Damore, for writing a memo critiquing some pretty hard left biases at the company. This from a company that restricts PragerU videos of David Clarke and discussions with Alan Dershowitz for example. PJ Media’s supervising editor found pretty striking bias in her study of search results, and these were denied of course by company executives.

Similarly, Facebook’s biases are clear. The BBC reported that the company just apologized for blocking PragerU videos – one has to wonder whether Facebook noticed that PragerU filed suit against Google for the same. Gateway Pundit reported that Facebook traffic to its site declined from 33% to 3% this year as a result of actions by the company. And now Facebook has the James Damore / Google problem in the person of Brian Amerige, a senior engineer, who just wrote a similar, if shorter memo. Facebook employees say that they were routinely instructed to suppress conservative views, a position denied by Mark Zuckerberg.

So both Google and Facebook, major players in the media and news business, discriminate against conservative opinions, and they both deny it. Why is that a problem? Well, they are both public companies. Google has a forward PE of 31x and a market cap of $750 billion. Facebook has a forward PE of 20x and a market cap of $500 billion, and incidently has seen issues recently in user growth.

So these are two companies whose total value on stock exchanges is well over $1,000,000,000,000 – a trillion dollars. Public companies cannot make false or misleading press releases and the SEC undertakes litigation against some of them. That is what needs to happen with Google and Facebook.

There is ample precedent for punishing companies that do bad things and then lie about them. Fifty years ago a Google of its time was General Motors. It covered up the terrible problems of its Chevrolet Corvair. The company followed and harassed Ralph Nader, who wrote about them, and wound up on the wrong end of over 100 lawsuits. It’s time now for Google and Facebook to be held to account for their bad actions and lies about them.

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