IHOb 2 or something

IHOp became IHOb for a month, during which it got a lot of free advertising. Now we have IHOb 2, or something. (The majority (60%) of the company’s footwear sales are outside North America, so a lot of people won’t care about this.) It will be interesting to see how much free advertising the company gets.

The stock was off 3% today. Yahoo was upbeat, however, as were many others.

The company has a hip BOD and manufactures maybe 80% of its products outside the US. So it’s all cool, man. What you getting upset about?

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  1. Neil Says:


    Well, yes, “as long as they’re talking about me”, New Coke, and all that. And yet…how much is a mediocre NFL quarterback worth in foreign sales? And it’s not just an ad photo, it’s a big deal for his own line of Kaepernick-branded shoes and apparel, with royalties. Who’s going to buy them?

    Personally, the way Nike’s employees marinate in the environment of Portland, I doubt they’ve got the self-awareness to make this an IHOb or New Coke play.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    One wonders if Nike’s domestic market is 80% black or something? Or perhaps all the people making an issue out of this never by Nike’s anyway?

    Anyway, it will indeed be interesting to see how this shakes out.

    Having said that, “Believe in something” has to be one of the dumbest corporate slogan’s ever. (Invoking Godwin) Hitler, “Believed in something”. Was that a good ting?

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