Wow and Wow Squared

We haven’t seen anything as emotionally affecting on TV in the last seventeen years as the beginning of Kavanaugh’s testimony. Gut wrenching (of course the charming host of MTP said they were “political”). We’ll skip the questioning by the lowlifes. As for our earlier rant, Ben Stein seems to agree, at least a little.

We’ll link to Tucker Carlson when it becomes available because it’s very good. Quite a few geezers were apparently touched to the quick by the prayer bit and moved to get the hankies. Yup, we felt it. And the normally supine Mr. Graham, another wow! (Despite Dan Rathergate’s tweeting that it’s all about becoming Sessions’ successor.)

First time that we’ve felt, at a deep gut level, that we would be ashamed to still have been a Democrat today. (1980 couldn’t pull the Carter lever in NYC; 1984 Reagan yeah.) These pols are so disgusting – and they haven’t shed their aura of superiority. What’s wrong with these people?

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  1. Bosun Says:

    This whole episode speaks to the sad shape the USA is in. The Bolsheviks will not go quietly, but go they must.

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