Something weird is going on, but perhaps there’s a path to truth

This video is very interesting, particularly the last third or so. (We note that there are so-called body language specialists on both sides; feel free to consult your own.) In our link, “no visual memory” at key points. Very weird. And how about the door business? Also extremely weird – in every aspect. But we definitely know that Kooky Kav is very guilty, since we learned his favorite golden oldie is Louie Louie, the version with the naughty words.

More weirdness: there’s a guy whose name the eminent doctor can’t bring herself to say, but rather “The person that Mr. Whelan was trying to say looked like Mr. Kavanaugh.” Hmmm.

We see a pattern in all the weirdness. If this were a novel, that pattern would make much more sense as the plot than the Plan 9 from Outer Space gibberish that one side wants us to believe.

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