The second time as farce, or worse


Could the 1960’s please just end already? Amid cries for impeachment and socialist revolution, some Americans enjoyed a late summer day in the nation’s capital by displaying posters and tarps painted to say, for example, “THE US IS THE WORLD’S #1 TERRORIST DISARM NOW“. That sentiment is partially on display in the photo below:


The gentleman pictured above seems less the avatar of a new tomorrow than a fellow who wandered away from Max Yazgur’s farm in 1969. “Alan Fay, go to the information booth…” Avoid the brown acid, man. People are having some bad trips.”

Of course, it’s hard to look at that nutty bus and the tie-dyed old coots without thinking of some of the originals of the genre, Furthur the bus, Ken Kesey, and the Merry Pranksters. It’s not that the Pranksters were all that merry, with their acid trips, drug busts and jail time. But at least they seemed a little bit new forty years ago. The claptrap that passed for wisdom in the 1960’s reached its sell-by date a long time ago.


It is worthy of note that the foolishness that was tolerated on campuses in the 1960’s has lost any sense of playfulness it might once have possessed, and developed into grim and nasty power:

After a group of UC Davis women faculty began circulating a petition, UC regents rescinded an invitation to Larry Summers, the controversial former president of Harvard University, to speak at a board dinner Wednesday night in Sacramento. The dinner comes during the regents’ meeting at UCD next week. Summers gained notoriety for saying that innate differences between men and women could be a reason for under-representation of women in science, math and engineering

UCD professor Maureen Stanton, one of the petition organizers, was delighted by news of the change this morning, saying it’s “a move in the right direction.” “UC has an enormous historical commitment to diversity within its faculty ranks, but still has a long way to go before our faculty adequately represent the diversity of our constituency, the people of California,” said Stanton, professor and chairwoman of the section of evolution and ecology.

When Stanton heard about the initial invitation to Summers, she was “stunned.” “I was appalled that someone articulating that point of view would be invited by the regents,” she said. “This is a symbolic invitation and a symbolic measure that I believe sends the wrong message about the University of California and its cultural principles.”

These ladies are always stunned, appalled, about to throw up or faint, having palpitations, or otherwise getting the vapors. And apparently the men of the universities defer to the frail little flowers. Pathetic, the lot of them. It is quite possible that the baby boom generation is the single worst generation of Americans that this country has ever produced. It can’t leave the scene soon enough.

(PS: Thank goodness that Summers is gone from Harvard, so that it is safe for scholars of global hip hop culture to return.)

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  1. Assistant Village Idiot Says:

    “This is a symbolic invitation and a symbolic measure…” says much more than she knows. The academy’s critics complain of symbolism replacing substance. Ms. Stanton seeks to prove that, I guess.

  2. Steve Bodio Says:

    Remember though– Kesey was a pretty good novelist (think Sometimes a Great Notion rather than Cuckoo’s Nest) who ended up a small “c” Christian farmer and wrestling coach in rural Oregon.

    Unlike many of his friends, to say the least.

  3. Irwin Chusid Says:

    As an Apostate Boomer (age 56), I applaud your candor. The “fellow traveler” quota for the 60s was high (if you’ll pardon the term). I was part of it. All it took was some vague concept of “justice” and a strong hedonistic streak, and you were an eager recruit. Too many of my generation retain their “progressive” politics because to do otherwise is considered heresy and/or requires too much reevaluation. They retain the same post-adolescent political fantasies and paranoias they had as 20-year-olds. They characterize this as “sticking to their convictions.” I see it as a failure to mature. Ironically, many of these aging hippies live what could arguably be termed “conservative” lifestyles. They vote left, but crave domestic stability, job security, and familiar routines. Their voting patterns are the only thing “radical” about them. I evolved politically (towards libertarianism) because I dropped out of college early (1971) and never went back. The leftist dogma I’d absorbed through my sophomore year didn’t stick when I went out into the Real World. I was allowed to rethink my perspectives independently before the brainwashing had time to set. Consequently, I often feel ill at ease with people my own age — I don’t share what seems to be the default political view. And I’m tried of arguing with them about it. Fuckin’ hippies.

  4. Mark Martin Says:

    My left-leaning friends and associates have the disturbing habit of saying “We deserve whatever we get” for Bush’s crimes. And saying it loud and clear in public and on the WWW. My cousin is actually pleased that his anti-Bush flash animation was picked up off the web and used on Iranian TV.

    Go figure. I have explained to one friend that it’s probably not a good idea to encourage terrorists’ view that we are Evil, but he is so passionate about the Truth and so appalled that people can sit passively by while BushCo murders untold millions that he can’t shut up about it.

    And yes, Irwin, he votes far left and bitches about the rich, but so far I have not seen him open up his cellar as a homeless shelter.

  5. MarkD Says:

    The boomers are often clowns, cowards, and fakes. I’m a boomer and I have nothing in common with these narcissistic fools. I despised the disruption on campus in the late 60s and early 70s and joined the Marines. When I finished my degree, I avoided the Social Sciences like the plague.

    These people can’t make a reasoned argument for their beliefs, which is why they are so vicious in attacking holders of differing opinions. Heaven forbid that Summers observations of fact should interfere with their dogma. He can’t be answered, he has to be destroyed.

  6. Artex Says:

    Here’s a Boomer Doomsday Watch:
    Jack, you’re far from the only one waiting for this generation to “leave the scene.”

  7. Artex Says:

    Speaking of hippies, who recently said: “We want friendship — friendship to all. We love all nations and all human beings. Anyone who is killed, we are against it.”

    This guy:

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