Lower and Lower we go

We’ll add links when available, but they are a little hard to find outside TV. There are a number of ads in CA where candidates and propositions want to stop the evil capitalists and their price rises, but they never mention that government price controls never control prices; instead, they eliminate competition and supply here and here and here – a marvelous piece, and so on. Duh. Yet the opponents of the Leftists never address the issue directly and strongly, pointing out the idiocy of their opponent Leftists’ positions. Rather, they wimp and whine and make stupid tiny arguments. Stupid party indeed.

OH NO, who is coming to lunch?

BTW, we’ve been diligent students of the Fed and monetary policy since our first job as a corporate lender in 1974 at Citibank. We saw Fed Funds rates of 20% or so back in oil and hostage crisis days of 79-81. Darth Tweeter has it right, and we understand that maybe Jim Cramer agrees as well. Our current time is a lot more like Eisenhower and his 2.5% rates than anything else. Stop with the nonsense please, dear Fed.

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