Hey, what do you know, a narcissistic drug dealer with a long rap sheet and the brains of a turnip sent around a dozen non-exploding “bombs” with his DNA all over them to people who don’t open their own mail. Looks like he’ll get the attention he was craving, at least for a day or two. In other news Megyn Kelly was arrested when she was stopped for speeding by the cops. It turns out her driver’s licence picture was not her but the star of the first talking motion picture. Go figure.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Here is the conspiracy theiry explanation via Market Ticker.

    Once upon a time I would have dismissed this out of hand, but now? Dunno.

    From the article:

    So you want to know what happened? Here’s the most likely probability stack-up.

    Nutbag mails the packages. They are caught immediately at the origin PO and, since none have adequate postage, they’re not sent onward — nor is the postage canceled. At this point someone gets very suspicious (gee, you think?) and one of them is opened. The authorities are contacted.

    Now you’d think the immediate next act is to trace the sender via whatever means you can and arrest him. Nope, because that wouldn’t fit the FBI’s narrative and their desire to destroy the Administration — Trump is bad, Trump is evil, Trump is a Nazi, Trump is inspiring people to violence, etc.

    So they hand-deliver the packages instead, having inspected them and knowing they are harmless.

    This explains the courier at CNN, it explains none of them have canceled stamps, and it explains how they traveled through the system without having tracking barcodes added to the non-machine addresses and postage. They didn’t travel through the system — the FBI transported them instead, by hand and on purpose knowing full well what they were.

    They thus got their optics.

    It also explains who nobody went bananas at CNN and instead took a picture of the damn thing. The courier knew it wasn’t a bomb and so did all the LEOs involved. Since they knew it wasn’t dangerous they were not in any way concerned about standing next to it taking pictures for the media. Nobody in their right effing mind stands next to what they believe is an active and armed explosive device.

    There is evidence that the alleged perpetrator also is not being honestly presented to us. He allegedly changed voter registration and registered as a Republican in 2016. As a resident of Florida with a felony record he couldn’t register and vote at all. But he (allegedly) did. Did he? If so exactly how did that happen and why wasn’t he busted in the intervening two years?

    Then there’s his history. Nothing you do on the Internet ever really goes away, despite the authority’s efforts. There is evidence that I am evaluating that this nutbag claimed prominent Republicans were jackwads in the past and that various far-left feminist groups were “the only true women.” Does that sound like a Trump supporter — or, if he really did say those things too is he just plain psychotic? Being psychotic matches well with making bomb threats, which he was arrested for 15 years ago, so that seems to be a reasonable assumption — no? Isn’t it interesting that the media is only interested in one side?


  2. Bosun Says:

    Kudos feeblemind! I’m sticking with False Flag.

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