Using the caravan

Context: at this moment the MSM are all yipping about how the “bomb” nut was 100% Darth’s fault. Sigh. Then it will be back again to the criminals down south whom Darth is somehow oppressing. Sigh.

Darth Tweeter got 8% of the black vote in the last election. Recently he’s been focusing on how illegal immigration disproportionality hurts African Americans and that’s probably part of a speech next week. Huuuuge positive for him that can kill the Democrat Party if executed well, Some polls say Darth has 25% approval in the A-A community. Go, Go, Go!!!

We think a funny sidebar to all this would be for Darth to announce to the US and UN that each group of 500-1000 “refugees” would be identified and immediately be flown by AA, UA, Dal, etc., on entry, to Canada, England, France, Japan, China, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Lesotho, Chile, Ecuador, South Africa, Portugal, etc., so that the great upside of accepting these future Nobel Prize winners could be fairly divided.

The MSM will not be pleased.

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  1. Eric Fithian Says:

    My idea, a few years ago, was that all illegals who cross the southern border should be flown to some Dysfunctional Hellhole in Africa, such as Somalia…
    Since most (at that time) were from Latin America, being moved to Africa would be truly upsetting: “Now, what do I do??”
    I figure that The US government has no obligation to send them back to their homes… and the prospect of being dumped across the Atlantic would truly “concentrate the mind” …!

    …of course, it would require a non-PC mindset more characteristic of the Roman Emperors than of today’s politicians….

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