You have to admit that at a minimum it was very odd

Here’s a piece mocking all the false flag theorists. Okay. But you have to admit the oddness of a narcissistic drug dealer with a long rap sheet and the brains of a turnip sending around a dozen non-exploding “bombs” with his DNA all over them to people who don’t open their own mail. The strangeness invites conspiracy theories, and there’s a nice one in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    Well, all I can say is consider the source! When it comes to the weekly standard, they have all the creditability of an inmate testifying in court. To be honest I thought that bunch had folded.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Indeed, mocking the false flag theorists. And that’s all they did. That was a nothing piece. Mr. Egger believes the media.

    Here is why the false flag op theory has traction.

    1) The pieces fit.

    2) The media no longer has credibility. They put up stories they have to retract, and sit on or ignore stories that might help conservatives or hurt democrats. Publishing rumor an innuendo is their stock and trade now. They are not going to look into this and even if they did, given their past history, no one is going to believe them.

    3) The Deep State has shown whose side it is on and their willingness to go after Trump and protect their own, particularly the FBI. It is totally plausible that a quick thinking FBI supervisor could have grasped the propaganda value of these fake bombs and hatched the plan.

    4) The history the Left has with their self-inflicted hate crime hoaxes. The fake bombs could be just an extension of that, and the thinking could be that it makes them victims of right-wing aggression and heroes for ‘surviving’ at the same time.

    So . . . given the proclivities of the players in this scenario, why is it crazy to think this all was planned?

  3. feeblemind Says:

    It’s a small world.

    ‘MAGA Bomber’ Worked at West Palm Nightclub Where Stormy Daniels Stripped in Anti-Trump Tour

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