Once more, with feeling

We refer again to the Lifson piece. Let’s say it again, and simply. 11/8/16 was a date of revolution, and more, if that’s possible. As the Lifson piece says over and over again, the media lost its collective mind, not merely because their team lost, but because they, the media leftists, lost control of the narrative that was so comfortable for them and their companies, like a canoe heading downstream. They were in the canoe, but, oops, it went over Niagara Falls — like Moe! Not slowly they turned, step by step, inch by inch, til suddenly, 92% of all stories about Darth Tweeter were horribly negative. How will this be fixed? Frankly we don’t know. But GE is on the ropes and the Village Voice is gone, so big-time changes happen. We’ll see.

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