More soundtrack stuff

We were just talking about music, and we actually did a little soundtrack research a couple of years ago. Now with that oldies station available on our jog, we often experience something weird. Music we haven’t heard since childhood comes on, and somehow we know all the words. Alvin wanted a hula hoop in 1958, for example. There are a lot of pretty obscure references in Creeque Alley. Very pleasant.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    One of my recollections of the 1950s is the hula hoop craze. My sister got one c.1959.

    My wife hates that song because Alvin gets yelled at.

    I thought it was a couple or three years newer than 1958. It must have already become a Christmas ‘classic’ by the time I heard it.

    Old songs are like old friends. I understand the pleasure the Dinocrat derives from hearing them.

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