Not a spontaneous remark

It’s Sunday, so we tune into Pacifica on our jog:

We begin with President Trump’s plan to deploy as many as 15,000 troops on the Southern border before the midterm elections even though what he calls an “invasion” of a dwindling number of destitute migrants, mostly women and children from Central America travelling as a group for protection, is about a month away from reaching the border. Joining us is Lawrence Korb, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who served as assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan Administration in charge of manpower and personnel where he administered about 70% of the defense budget. We discuss Trump’s unabashed racist campaign commercial blaming Democrats for an alien invasion and the extent to which the U.S. military are being used as props to support dog-whistle propaganda aimed at demonizing unarmed impoverished migrants as a national security threat. And since 2,000 troops were already deployed on the border back in April and Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have spent hundreds of millions hiring more personnel, we will assess the opportunity costs of more troops than we have in Iraq and Afghanistan dragooned away from their families to fight a non-existent threat. Then we speak with Halie Soifer, the executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America about her article at CNN “We see President Trump for what he is” and make the obvious connection between Trump’s cynical fear-mongering against the “caravan” of Central American migrants he claims is full of terrorists from the Middle East and what triggered the massacre in the Pittsburgh synagogue since the anti-Semitic shooter’s last message was a racist attack blaming a Jewish refugee agency for bringing in “invaders that kill our people”. We analyze whether a shift is underway in America as the curtain is pulled back on a small hateful man who only cares about himself but, having legitimized and emboldened hate groups, now has blood on his hands.

Goodness, half the country is nasty, nasty, nasty. As you can see from the paragraph above, they really believe this. That in turn led us to consider the phrase basket of deplorables. It seems obvious to us that the phrase was not an extemporaneous utterance, since it came from a speech. Oddly enough, it might be the most honest thing that the speaker ever said. It is very peculiar that we see the inhabitants of that other universe as wrong, but they truly think their opponents are evil. Interesting times indeed.

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