Numbers again


Gross domestic product in China expanded at its weakest pace in nearly a decade from July through September, with growth in the manufacturing sector slowing to a near standstill. The Shanghai Composite is down about 25% this year. China shipped 11% more products out of the country in October than it did a year earlier, according to a Reuters poll, slower than the previous month’s 14.5% export growth but faster than August’s 9.8% rise. China sold about $506 billion worth in goods and services to the US in 2017, while the US sold roughly $130 billion worth to the Chinese.

“We’re building a platform where all voices can be heard.” Hmmm, apparently not. Speaking of exports, we’d like to export clowns like this.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    “We’re building a platform where all voices can be heard.”

    . . . as long as those voices agree with ours.

    There. Fixed it.

    Re China:

    I think its a safe bet to say things are slowing down. How bad it is, is still a matter of conjecture.

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