Bonus fun

What is the probability that this reporter would ask Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping a question in the tone he just exhibited?

Vlad the Impaler and the new Chairman Mao would be restrained of course in their responses.

2 Responses to “Bonus fun”

  1. Bosun Says:

    This bloke gives definition to USEFUL IDIOT! Is it possible for a person to be both a USEFUL IDIOT and a POMPUS ASS? Observing the antics of the ruling class and their lackeys, all I can conclude is this how empires end.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Make no mistake, Acosta was deliberately trying to provoke Trump. Not sure why he picked this moment to do so.

    The White House should pull his credentials. Reporters are there to gather info for their readers, not grandstand to bolster their creds with ‘the resistance’.

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