Competing narratives

Normally we’d really enjoy the previews of coming attractions like the Nadler business. We’re sure that, cheered on by the profound professionals at places like CNN, they are going to wildly overplay their hands. Good fun! Mr. Walsh is pretty upbeat. But we’re haunted by the knowledge that almost two generations of younger Americans have been so poorly educated that they have no knowledge like us oldsters do of America’s past and even simple things like gerrymandering, etc. You will recall that the fellow professors of Amy Wax wanted her fired for saying the simplest, most commonsensical things. If the younger folks can’t get up the curve in time, the country is screwed, even given the nuttiness of the other side of the aisle.

The Jeopardy teen tournament is airing, and if they were 25% of the population instead of 0.0025%, there would be hope.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    Well my observation is that they’re LOST. On the upside they are very PC aware and full of self-esteem. Then there’s the matter of ADD which seems to be endemic in this population. Returning to Dick Marcinko: “Doom on us!”

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