Something unprecedented is happening

There’s always been a certain amount of (a) corruption in government and (b) election tampering. Obviously. But these have now become Really Big Issues that can’t be swept under the rug anymore. This is partly a result of the audacity of the corruption, but, very importantly today, the media have created a vacuum by being 90% or more in favor of the corrupt side.

Maybe this vacuum always existed; we don’t know. But today, and dating from November 8, 2016, the non-progressive side doesn’t just shut up and sit down as they did in the past. Examples: (a) Gaetz-Rubio on Florida fraud; (b) Strassel on the Russia fraud, and so many others. All abetted by talk radio and New Media. Examples include the Powerline guys, Roger Simon, Clarice of course, Conrad Black, and on and on. Ironically, or perhaps not, the old media’s non-reporting of crimes and outrages like Antifa attacking Tucker Carlson’s home and family have added fuel and intensity to the fire.

So things appear to have begun changing in a very significant way, with a large measure of thanks due to one man. Feel free to guess who this is.

2 Responses to “Something unprecedented is happening”

  1. Bosun Says:

    The “Deplorable” side had best fight back, the very existence of The Republic such as it is, is at stake. However, I would not define these hooligans as Progressives, TR was a Progressive, these are Bolsheviks!

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Yes. The level of cheating is blatant and pervasive, and there seems to me no risk for the perpetrators.

    My guess is they will get away with it.

    If so where does it all end?

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