The Longest Day

On Armistice Day TCM aired The Longest Day, showing, among other things, that the armistice didn’t work out so well. It’s an incredibly ugly B&W movie, all the more effective for being that way. Lots of wounds and dying, but without all the fake blood and guts in today’s movies – the author got excellent reviews for his account of that time BTW. The movie didn’t make much of an impression on us when we saw it at a Drive-In in 1962, except that it was a very long movie. Funny bit: the movie has US pop singers in it as well as Bond and Goldfinger. Is there a lesson in the movie: yeah, don’t get yourself in a position where you have to storm beaches to reach success.

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  1. Bosun Says:

    If memory serves me, Spengler has surmised that WWI and WWII were, in fact, a Thirty Years War. Were it not for The Russians tying up The Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front, Ike’s landing may not have been possible.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    “Exactly a century ago – on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – the guns fell silent on Europe’s battlefields. The belligerents had agreed the terms of the peace at 5am that November morning, and the news was relayed to the commanders in the field shortly thereafter that hostilities would cease at eleven o’clock. And then they all went back to firing at each other for a final six hours. On that last day, British imperial forces lost some 2,400 men, the French 1,170, the Germans 4,120, the Americans about 3,000. The dead in those last hours of the Great War outnumbered the toll of D Day twenty-six years later, the difference being that those who died in 1944 were fighting to win a war whose outcome they did not know. On November 11th 1918 over eleven thousand men fell in a conflict whose victors and vanquished had already been settled and agreed.”

    It boggles my feeble mind that there was such callous disregard for human life by November 1918.

    Steyn does nail it in his observation that the seeds of self-loathing and hatred for Western Civilization were sewn with bloodshed and Armistice of WWI.

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