Several cold turkey remarks

Well, yesterday was a nice Thanksgiving. We tuned in the TV for 30 seconds to the Macy’s parade, which went by an apartment of ours when we lived in NYC. Those times were warmer, BTW. (Must be global warming causing all that cooling, as they say in the movies. Whatever.)

Next point: yeah we agree Spengler that the US badly needs to have more STEM but remember it’s STEM vs. diversity. Since it’s a choice between excellence and diversity, the real enemy is K-12, college and grad school. That these fine gentlemen are defeated is essential, but we know people that have given a billion dollars to these foolish institutions that would defeat what made them rich in the first place. Go figure. This left-education nonsense is perhaps the single greatest threat to the republic.

In other news, VDH hands it to Macron, who seems a fool of the first order, and the NYT has an absolutely shocking op-ed in which Trump’s position on Saudi Arabia is endorsed and defended.

Finally, we have to say that yesterday’s date of November 22 is always a sad thing to us. We were in 7th grade in the afternoon of that day when Reverend Mother came into our classroom at Saint Anthony’s School and asked us to pray for President Kennedy, the first Catholic to hold that office. We had visited many government sites in the last days of the Eisenhower administration when our GS-14 dad at the Naval Underwater Ordnance Station (NUOS) in Newport RI took us there. It was a very big deal to the Sisters of the Holy Union of the Sacred Heart that there was a Catholic president and their hearts were breaking.

We felt it too. The first political thing that we recall watching live on TV was JFK’s inaugural address. A nine year old kid found it incredibly moving and indeed literally memorable, (We observe today…ask not, etc.) Sigh. Over the next days we watched the first live murder on TV by Ruby, and of course the procession through Washington, with JFK’s son’s salute, etc.

So how to conclude? We’re thankfully thankful to and with our family and friends on this year’s Thanksgiving, but we’re awfully aware that much of the tide has moved in another and anti-US direction. For comparisons we offer the thoughts of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on Thanksgiving. Let’s figure things out since 410 was not a good year and we don’t want to repeat nasty history.

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