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A NASA meeting:

I’m trying to think carefully about what our relationship to Mars should be, and whether we can avoid reproducing deeply entrenched colonial behaviors as we seek to better understand our Solar System. This includes thinking about why our language for developing understandings of environments that are new to us tends to still be colonial: “colonizing Mars” and “exploring” and “developing,” for example. These are deeply fraught terms that have traditionally referred to problematic behaviors by imperialists with those that we would call “indigenous” and “people of color” often on the receiving end of violent activities.

Decolonization in the Martian context requires asking questions about who is entitled to what land. Can we be trusted to be in balance with Mars if we refuse to be in balance with Earth? Can we be trusted to be equitable in our dealings with each other in a Martian context if the U.S. and Canadian governments continue to attack indigenous sovereignty, violate indigenous lands, and engage in genocidal activities against indigenous people?

The speaker is a PhD astrophysicist making about $100K a year teaching your kids. Help!!!

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    If that type of thinking prevails, we can forget about traveling to, and colonizing other planets.

    Surprised he is not complaining that we haven’t brought our junk back from Mars. It’s defacing the planet for crying out loud, and making it a planetary eyesore.

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