“It’s hard to overstate” the idiocy


Global emissions of carbon dioxide have reached the highest levels on record, scientists projected Wednesday, in the latest evidence of the chasm between international goals for combating climate change and what countries are actually doing. Between 2014 and 2016, emissions remained largely flat, leading to hopes that the world was beginning to turn a corner. Those hopes have been dashed. In 2017, global emissions grew 1.6 percent. The rise in 2018 is projected to be 2.7 percent.

The expected increase, which would bring fossil fuel and industrial emissions to a record high of 37.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, is being driven by nearly 5 percent emissions growth in China and more than 6 percent in India, researchers estimated, along with growth in many other nations throughout the world. Emissions by the United States grew 2.5 percent, while emissions by the European Union declined by just under 1 percent.

As nations are gathered for climate talks in Poland, the message of Wednesday’s report was unambiguous: When it comes to promises to begin cutting the greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change, the world remains well off target.

“We are in trouble. We are in deep trouble with climate change,” United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said this week at the opening of the 24th annual U.N. climate conference, where countries will wrestle with the ambitious goals they need to meet to sharply reduce carbon emissions in coming years. “It is hard to overstate the urgency of our situation,” he added. “Even as we witness devastating climate impacts causing havoc across the world, we are still not doing enough, nor moving fast enough, to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption.”

while most of the world remains firmly committed to the notion of tackling climate change, many countries are not on pace to meet their relatively modest Paris pledges.

(a) this report is from Poland, where genuine geniuses were giving speeches. (b) “modest Paris pledges” – oh you mean the kind that get Macron 26% approval amidst riots in Paris, causing the French government to roll back its own “modest Paris pledges”?

Update via Steyn: they are not just idiots but pretentious fools looking to cavort with the Davos types and worse. One must look down on the deplorables after all.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    re We are in deep trouble with climate change,”
    “It is hard to overstate the urgency of our situation”

    So . . . for how many years now have the True Believers been trying to scare us into believing in man made climate change?

    35 years perhaps?? More?

    My observations lead me to believe far fewer people believe in global warming now as compared to 20 years ago.

    The really cool thing about this scam from the grifters point of view is that the wealth transfers could go on forever. Computer models can always push back ‘the catastrophe another 50 years.The fight against ‘climate change’ could be eternal.

  2. Mark Russell Says:

    So if my math is correct and the total atmosphere is 6×10^15 metric tons, this represents a 6 ppm increase with no accounting for the natural CO2 removal processes. Still a tiny amount.

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