News from better times

Petticoat Junction and Green Acres edition. Speaking of old days, we saw Jeannie at the grocery store recently. She’s 87. BTW: what would be the reaction today to her calling JR Ewing her master?

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    The wife used to see old movie stars in the grocery store back when she lived in Simi Valley.

    Sam Elliot comes to mind.

    No movie stars in my neck of the woods.

  2. feeblemind Says:

    Via mAGGIE’S fARM:

    Damn Cap Lock Key . . . grrrrr . . .

    A long, well written WSJ read on the the decline of GE.

    One can recognize a lot of red flags in the piece. The aggressive accounting, the yes-men that comprised the board of directors, shedding the cash cow and acquiring a white elephant as junior execs noted it was a bad deal. The blindness to the change in market conditions, and over optimistic projections. Trying to keep the stock price juiced rather than worry about the “widows and orphans” that relied on the dividends. It’s all all here.

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