Syria this and that

Nasty place Syria, this from a decade ago. Frankly, we have little to say about the current goofiness, though there are funny parts. Here’s an interesting Kimball piece, and AT has for and against pieces side by side. Re Mattis, here’s something, and Kimball covered some of that same territory. Finally, new or weird battle lines being drawn.

Now, re the hysterical NYT headline linked above, have you written the word Syria once in the last year, or have thought about it for more than ten seconds? Oh, that’s your answer? We thought so.

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  1. feeblemind Says:

    Some perspective on Sec Def resignations:

    Obama’s first secretary of defense, Robert Gates, resigned without incident in 2011, but would later criticize Obama’s role as commander in chief in his memoir published a few years later. It revealed a troubled relationship between Obama and the Pentagon:

    In 2013, Obama’s second secretary of defense, Leon Panetta, resigned after less than two years on the job over frustrations with Obama. Panetta also wrote a memoir revealing disturbing details about his time in the Obama administration, and told of Obama’s repeated decisions to ignore his advice, citing specifically “the withdrawal of all troops from Iraq in 2011, the failure to intervene in Syria’s civil war by arming rebels and the abrupt reversal of Mr. Obama’s decision to strike Syria in retaliation for using chemical weapons on civilians.”
    In 2014, shortly after the midterm elections that saw Republicans take control of the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama fired Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel over, you guessed it, policy and strategy disagreements. Hagel said in an interview a year later that the Obama White House tried to “destroy” him and that they had no strategy for fixing Syria.

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