China debt way way worse than 2008 in America

2x for households, 3x for companies. A disaster of WWII magnitude will occur unless these things are fixed. China does not have the subprime mess, Lehman Brothers, etc., but its systemic problems are worse.

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  1. feeblemind Says:


    And we have watched this together for how many years now . . . and yet China still defies gravity and does not come crashing back to Earth.

    I concur with the Dinocrat’s assessment, I just wonder about the timing? How much longer can it go on?

    And if China does crash . . . will she suck the rest of the world’s debtors down with her?

    Yeah . . . I know most of China’s problems are internal, but if she were to fall hard, how might that effect intangibles in the rest of the world, like confidence, outlook and fear?

    Could a Chinese crash set off a worldwide financial panic?

    Dunno. It’s all too complex for my feeble mind.

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