Talk about 1 1 – yikes!

We tuned in for a few minutes to the Times Square stuff we could mostly watch from our 211 West 56th Street apartment 33G long ago. Weirdly, several of the stations showing NYC cut away from the 12pm ball dropping and went to commercial. The lead-up music on all these stations was awful and by people we’ve never heard of. On the golden oldies channel Johnny Carson was doing 1976 new year and it was ok. Some station was doing 1966 Batman, and showed Episode 1 from Season 1. That’s kind of appropriate, yes? Addendum: it will be surprising if 2019 turns out to fulfill this wish: Happy New Year!

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  1. feeblemind Says:


    No Guy Lumbago and his 14 Backaches playing Auld Lang Syne?

    The world is not what it once was . . .

    Batman took the 4th Grade by storm back in 1966. After the series was canceled I probably didn’t see a repeat until a year or two ago. After seeing the repeat from a distance of 50 years, one wonders if the 4th Grade demographic was originally their target audience?

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