Another weird and funny moment

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I’m surprised the New York Times did not have the details of Mueller’s expanding reliance on 28 USC § 2831, which makes it a crime to sell tickets to any dance at a convention center at which any French song is misleadingly presented as American.

It’s an obscure part of the criminal code known as the Trenet Provision.

In this case, of course, “My Way” was played at the Inaugural Ball, and was played without the paperwork being filed with DoJ disclosing that “My Way” is actually “Comme d’habitude.” According to four sources familiar with the proceedings, Paul Anka has appeared before the Mueller grand jury to explain his role in writing English lyrics for the song.

Anka’s attorney denied that the singer/songwriter was questioned extensively about any contacts he may have had with the late Charles Aznavour. But it suggests that the special counsel is broadening his inquiry into all French music with English lyrics.

Mueller said that he’s going to find Trenet and lock him up with Trump and all the others. Oops, too late.

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